Q. Are consumers supposed to go to milestone.com or to sanus.com?
A. Consumers should continue using sanus.com for all of their information and product needs. If a consumer finds Sanus on milestone.com, a landing page directs them to sanus.com. Home AV dealers can certainly transact business for all brands, including Sanus, on the Milestone.com site.

Q. How do I access my account information?
A. To register for an online account, choose the ‘login’ link in the upper right of the site. Fill in the registration form by following the prompts. Please note that it may take up to 3 business days to be set up in our system. We will notify you via email with access information. You must be a current Chief or Da-Lite customer.

If you are a user of our old portal, you may use your existing account login to access the new version; simply type in your original username and password.

Q. How do I become a Dealer?
A. Becoming a Dealer with Milestone gives you access to both Chief and Da-Lite products. Simply fill out our quick form on the website and a Milestone employee will be in touch soon after.

Q. Why can’t I see Sanus products?
A. Customers selling Sanus products should continue to use sanus.com for all product information. However, those who have registered for an online account at milestone.com will be able to see their pricing by using the Quick Quote function. Quick Quotes are an easy way to get pricing and freight or tax charges for Chief, Sanus and Da-Lite products. In addition, customers can add Sanus products to an order. Later this year, Sanus products and information will be fully integrated and available to Sanus customers when logged in.

Q. What is the plan for international customers?
A. This early rollout is focused on North America. International customers can access the site, but won’t be able to utilize all of the key benefits until later this year. At that time, 5 key languages will be added to the site and Projecta products will also be available. In the meantime, customers should continue to use the existing Projecta site to search product information at projectascreens.com.

International customers should also continue to use their traditional phone and email addresses to contact Milestone in their region.

Q. Are you going to start branding your products as Milestone?
A. No. Our brands have a long history and are well recognized in the AV industry. Milestone is the place where customers can come to get information on all products for each brand.

Q. Can I still call Customer Service for questions?
A. Yes! We will still welcome Customers to reach us in all of the traditional ways, including phone, email, online chat or fax. However you can now reach Chief or Da-Lite Customer Care via one number at 1.866.977.3901 or continue to use the traditional numbers. International customers should continue to use their traditional regional numbers.

One email address is also available for any inquiries at info@milestone. As with phone numbers, you may still use the traditional email addresses. For more information on how to contact Milestone, visit the website here. International customers should continue to use their traditional regional email addresses.

Q. You have two Customer Service teams, one for each brand. How will this change impact the teams?
A. We are working closely together to ensure the best Customer experience, regardless of which brand (or brands) you’re interested in. If you choose, you can submit orders for Chief & Da-Lite on the same purchase order at orders@milestone.com The products will continue to ship from their respective plants in Shakopee, MN, or Warsaw, IN.