Case Study

Blending in with FullVision

Blending in with FullVision


Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands wanted to update 27 classrooms of varying sizes with new projectors and projection screens.

“The projection screens in the rooms needed to be replaced as they had become dirty and even had marker and pencil marks,” said Peter Hullegien, AV Technician at Erasmus University.

For the replacement, they wanted a borderless projection screen that would match the room design and provide great projection.



Longtime Milestone AV Technologies partner, MK2 Audiovisueel, worked on the installation of Projecta FullVision screens at the university.

FullVision is a low-profile wrap-around projection screen that enables the entire surface to be used for projection. The solution is available with HD Progressive surfaces, the latest technology in projection surfaces designed for 4K and Ultra HD to maximize the power of modern projectors. FullVision blends into room design when not in use while still delivering the best in projection when the projector turns on.



“We’ve chosen the Projecta FullVision for this project and are very happy with it. The screen surface is perfectly flat and the borderless design looks really nice in these classrooms,” Hullegien said.

Erasmus University is the largest and one of the foremost academic medical centers and trauma centers in the Netherlands. Its economics and business school are well known in Europe and beyond.